3.3 Output and Input Pins
Pin colours and pin types. How the Style Editor works
7.5.2 Lock a Layer in the Style Editor
Change properties without the need to switch continuously panes by locking a filter's preview in Properties+Preview pane
7.3.1 Quick key combinations in the Compositing view
How to add styles and filters with some simple key combinations in Compositing view
7.2 Resize the Current Object
Image size, canvas size, Resize the current object
3.4 Creating a Style in the Style Editor
How to create a Style using the filter node based Style Editor with filters put in parallel and chained.
3.1 Saving a Simple Style
How to save a style on our computer to the User category and how to create style packages, called Stylez.
2.0 The Style Browser
How Styles Browser works, how to add new categories and send styles to the favorites category.
1.4 Add a first Random style
How to add a first, random style using the dice in the Compositing viewport.
1.1 First Steps: Getting Started with PostworkShop
Basic knowledge about PostworkShop - How to start. Understanding the different layouts and the editors.