2.3 Chained Styles
Create a style adding a second style added after - or before - the first style on a unique layer
2.4 Layered Styles
Apply a second style to your image, by dropping it above or under the first style. Parameter Mixer
6.4 Working with Two or More Objects
How to work with multiple Objects in Compositing view, and Style Editor
7.0 How to share and sell your Styles and Stylez
Share your styles either for free or for sale with other PostworkShop users
6.5 Batch Processing
How to use Batch Processing
7.5.1 Lock a filter in the Compositing View
Change properties by locking a filter's preview in Properties+Preview pane to avoid switching between the filters of a same layer.
2.2 Create a Simple Style with a single filter
How to create a simple style using the Styles Layer and applying the Random Painter filter
6.1 Create and Import your own Brushes
How to create and import your own natural scanned brushes in PostworkShop
1.6 Save an Image and Save a Project
How to save a postworked image and how to save the project to be able to modify it in the future.
1.2 Open an Image
How to open an image in PostworkShop 3. 5 ways to open an image to work on.