7.10 Add a Texture to your Image
A simple way to add a Texture to your Image by using a secondary image file (two Objects)
7.7 How to Create a Simple Impasto Effect
How to create a simple Impasto Effect
PostworkShop - Applying Styles
Shortcuts, drag&drop, context menus, etc...
1.5 Apply a style and adjust the Properties
Add a style from the Styles browser to your image. Learn how to change the style's properties and how to reset to the default values with the Reset button. How to use the presets.
7.1 Insert with right-click in the Layer Browser
Insert above/below/before/after commands also work in the Layer Bowser context menu [New feature in PostworkShop 1.1]
PostworkShop - Introduction
A first video to introduce you to PostworkShop.
2.1 Understanding Previews and Final Images
Understanding the difference between the Previews and the Final Images - Concept of Preview Scale
3.0 Create Styles Introduction
Understanding the Style editor: how it works, how styles can be created.
3.4 Creating a Style in the Style Editor: Complex Styles
How to create a Complex style using the filter node based Style Editor - based on the previous tutorial: 3.4 Creating a Style in the Style Editor
3.2 Style Presets
How to use the default presets and how to save new presets to an existing style with exported properties