3.5 Palette Editor
How to install new palettes, how to create new ones from scratch, how to add new colors to the palettes and how to extract a palette from an image
3.6 Palette Extractor and Palette Generator filters
Webinar : Introduction to PostworkShop
7.4 Zooming in the Style Editor
Make your style creating easier with the ability to zoom in and out the filters and get a preview result.
2.0.1 How to install styles and stylez packages
How to install PostworkShop *.Styles files and *.stylez packages
PostworkShop - 03 - Strokes & Stroke Directions
How to use the filters in the Vectorial Tools category
7.6 How to use the Replicator filter
How to create a sunflower from a lot of stars ? Using the Replicator filter - from PostworkShop 1.1!
6.2 Import Adobe® Photoshop®* Brushes
How to import Adobe® Photoshop® brushes and paint with them, or use them as common images to apply styles to
7.3.2 Quick key combinations in the Style Editor
New Features in 1.1 : Key combinations in Style Editor work like in Compositing view
6.2.1 Load PSD files
How to import Adobe Photoshop* PSD files to PostworkShop