5.4 Using a selection in the plug-in mode
Apply a style in PWS from a selection made in Adobe® Photoshop®
5.3 Using the plug-in mode with a multilayered PSD file
Applying the plug-in to one layer within a multilayered PSD project file.
5.1 Using the plug-in mode to postwork a single image
Using the PostworkShop plug-in mode to add styles using 1 image only. Tutorial uses Adobe® Photoshop® CS5. (PS)
5.0 Understanding the PostworkShop plug-in mode
Important things to know about the plug-in mode of PostworkShop, before starting to use it, please read.
4.6.2 Paint Module in the Style Editor
4.6.1 Edit a Layer in the Paint module
4.5 Edit the Object/Revert
Apply changes to the original Image you are working on, in the Paint Module
4.2 The Brush selector window
How to select the brush family, how to chose the active brushes
4.1 Settings in the Paint Module
The Settings window in the Paint Module - Understand the different properties
4.0 The Freehand Painting Module
How to invoke the Freehand Painting module: how to edit manually the image. Understand the freehand painting module's parts.