1.2.1 Opening an image from Fotolia
How to import and buy images from Fotolia - the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty free stock images - into PostworkShop to work on them.
Getting Started Video
The first steps to initiate you to the creations of art with PostworkShop
Overview Video
A first approach to PostworkShop in 2 minutes
4.4 Understanding the Color Dynamics properties
How to use the color dynamics property sliders in the Freehand Painting module
6.2.2 Save PSD files
How to save your PostworkShop files as Adobe Photoshop* PSD files
Bitmap Editor Fixing Style Result
How to fix the style result in the Bitmap editor: Paint Module in PWS 2.0
6.3 Basic use of the Mask
4.7.2 Painting on Canvas with Reference Image
Use the Reference image to help you painting on a canvas.
4.7.1 Painting on a canvas without reference Image
How to use the Freehand Painting module to paint on an empty canvas without reference image.
5.5 Recall the last used filter
Recall the last used PostworkShop filter with the right-click in PS.