4.3 Understanding the Brush Dynamics properties
How to use the brush dynamics property sliders in the Freehand Painting module
1.3 The Simple Layout
New in PostworkShop 3, the Simple layout is a great tool if you want to jump around between the styles and apply them to your images without any learning curve.
1.0.2 PostworkShop on your Windows
How to install PostworkShop on your Windows PC and how to activate your serial number
7.9 How to create a great water painting effect
In this tutorial we will show you one possible method to create a great waterpainting effect. Click the images to see the full size for details.
2.0.2 The (style) History Folder
What is the History folder within the User category ni the Styles browser. Is it possible to reuse unsaved styles?
1.0.1 PostworkShop on your Macintosh
How to install PostworkShop on your Macintosh and how to activate your serial number
7.8 How to create a cool Black&white style
How to create a Style which was used to create the first image included on the homepage of our website - the graphic black and white rendering.
Create Unique Image styles
Artistic Image Transformations (using the plug-in)
1.2.2 Getting Started with Fotolia
An introduction to a new feature unique to PostworkShop 2.1: search, purchase, download and the postwork of stock imagery, from Fotolia's online catalog.