1.2.2 Getting Started with Fotolia
An introduction to a new feature unique to PostworkShop 2.1: search, purchase, download and the postwork of stock imagery, from Fotolia's online catalog.
Artistic Image Transformations (using the plug-in)
Bitmap Editor Fixing Style Result
How to fix the style result in the Bitmap editor: Paint Module in PWS 2.0
Create Unique Image styles
Getting Started Video
The first steps to initiate you to the creations of art with PostworkShop
Overview Video
A first approach to PostworkShop in 2 minutes
PostworkShop - 03 - Strokes & Stroke Directions
How to use the filters in the Vectorial Tools category
PostworkShop - Applying Styles
Shortcuts, drag&drop, context menus, etc...
PostworkShop - Introduction
A first video to introduce you to PostworkShop.
Webinar : Introduction to PostworkShop