2.0 The Style Browser
How Styles Browser works, how to add new categories and send styles to the favorites category.
2.0.1 How to install styles and stylez packages
How to install PostworkShop *.Styles files and *.stylez packages
2.0.2 The (style) History Folder
What is the History folder within the User category ni the Styles browser. Is it possible to reuse unsaved styles?
2.1 Understanding Previews and Final Images
Understanding the difference between the Previews and the Final Images - Concept of Preview Scale
2.2 Create a Simple Style with a single filter
How to create a simple style using the Styles Layer and applying the Random Painter filter
2.3 Chained Styles
Create a style adding a second style added after - or before - the first style on a unique layer
2.4 Layered Styles
Apply a second style to your image, by dropping it above or under the first style. Parameter Mixer
PostworkShop - Applying Styles
Shortcuts, drag&drop, context menus, etc...