7.3.1 Quick key combinations in the Compositing view
How to add styles and filters with some simple key combinations in Compositing view
7.3.2 Quick key combinations in the Style Editor
New Features in 1.1 : Key combinations in Style Editor work like in Compositing view
7.4 Zooming in the Style Editor
Make your style creating easier with the ability to zoom in and out the filters and get a preview result.
7.5.1 Lock a filter in the Compositing View
Change properties by locking a filter's preview in Properties+Preview pane to avoid switching between the filters of a same layer.
7.5.2 Lock a Layer in the Style Editor
Change properties without the need to switch continuously panes by locking a filter's preview in Properties+Preview pane
7.6 How to use the Replicator filter
How to create a sunflower from a lot of stars ? Using the Replicator filter - from PostworkShop 1.1!
7.7 How to Create a Simple Impasto Effect
How to create a simple Impasto Effect
7.8 How to create a cool Black&white style
How to create a Style which was used to create the first image included on the homepage of our website - the graphic black and white rendering.
7.9 How to create a great water painting effect
In this tutorial we will show you one possible method to create a great waterpainting effect. Click the images to see the full size for details.