6.2 Import Adobe® Photoshop®* Brushes
How to import Adobe® Photoshop® brushes and paint with them, or use them as common images to apply styles to
6.2.1 Load PSD files
How to import Adobe Photoshop* PSD files to PostworkShop
6.2.2 Save PSD files
How to save your PostworkShop files as Adobe Photoshop* PSD files
6.3 Basic use of the Mask
6.4 Working with Two or More Objects
How to work with multiple Objects in Compositing view, and Style Editor
6.5 Batch Processing
How to use Batch Processing
7.0 How to share and sell your Styles and Stylez
Share your styles either for free or for sale with other PostworkShop users
7.1 Insert with right-click in the Layer Browser
Insert above/below/before/after commands also work in the Layer Bowser context menu [New feature in PostworkShop 1.1]
7.10 Add a Texture to your Image
A simple way to add a Texture to your Image by using a secondary image file (two Objects)
7.2 Resize the Current Object
Image size, canvas size, Resize the current object