1.0.1 PostworkShop on your Macintosh
How to install PostworkShop on your Macintosh and how to activate your serial number
1.0.2 PostworkShop on your Windows
How to install PostworkShop on your Windows PC and how to activate your serial number
1.1 First Steps: Getting Started with PostworkShop
Basic knowledge about PostworkShop - How to start. Understanding the different layouts and the editors.
1.2 Open an Image
How to open an image in PostworkShop 3. 5 ways to open an image to work on.
1.2.1 Opening an image from Fotolia
How to import and buy images from Fotolia - the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty free stock images - into PostworkShop to work on them.
1.3 The Simple Layout
New in PostworkShop 3, the Simple layout is a great tool if you want to jump around between the styles and apply them to your images without any learning curve.
1.4 Add a first Random style
How to add a first, random style using the dice in the Compositing viewport.
1.5 Apply a style and adjust the Properties
Add a style from the Styles browser to your image. Learn how to change the style's properties and how to reset to the default values with the Reset button. How to use the presets.
1.6 Save an Image and Save a Project
How to save a postworked image and how to save the project to be able to modify it in the future.
2.0 The Style Browser
How Styles Browser works, how to add new categories and send styles to the favorites category.