5.0 Understanding the PostworkShop plug-in mode
Important things to know about the plug-in mode of PostworkShop, before starting to use it, please read.
5.1 Using the plug-in mode to postwork a single image
Using the PostworkShop plug-in mode to add styles using 1 image only. Tutorial uses Adobe® Photoshop® CS5. (PS)
5.3 Using the plug-in mode with a multilayered PSD file
Applying the plug-in to one layer within a multilayered PSD project file.
5.4 Using a selection in the plug-in mode
Apply a style in PWS from a selection made in Adobe® Photoshop®
5.5 Recall the last used filter
Recall the last used PostworkShop filter with the right-click in PS.
Artistic Image Transformations (using the plug-in)