Using the right-click command is powerful when you are working on a notebook and can not dock the Properties+preview pane separately from the Styles tab. Rather than switching back and forth between the two by clicking the tabs, simply right-click the layer with the applied style and select the next style to apply. Decide whether to insert it above, below, before or after.  
The Insert above/below/before/after commands work also in the Style Layer bowser context menu the same way they work in the Style Editor. Load an image and apply a first style (e.g. Random Painter). Right-click on the layer and select where you want to add the new style, then select the style itself (e.g. Texturizer)

The Texturizer filter will appear after the Random Painter in the Styles layer browser. 

Repeat the action: "Light Color Pencil" above the two previous ones. As chosen, the style appears after the first layer.

And after blending the two layers together, the result we have is:

Right-clicking on the layer to add a new style is also very useful when you have hidden the Styles browser and the Properties+preview pane for a larger display of the picture you are working on.