PostworkShop allows you to paint your own painting with a little help: using a Reference Image or a Cloning Source. Open PostworkShop and load the image you want to be your reference image. switch to the Freehand Painting tab, as shown in the 4.0 The Freehand Painting Module tutorial. 

In the Settings window open the Clone Mode, Visual Guides and Canvas parts. 

Open the Settings window. The reference image will show up in the viewport and the Style Editor will be automatically connected to the corrected pin of the Bitmap Editor filter even if you have not done it. Make sure your settings are: 

  • Color Mode: Clone (continous) so that the color of the painting will respect the original image's colors - since the original image is chosen to be the Visual Guide. 
  • Visual Guides: Clone Source (or Reference Image) - in our case both are the same default image. Adjust the guide’s opacity by moving the slider. In this tutorial we selected a Grayscale Cloning Source but you can also chose to view only the Outlines or the Color Image. 
Since we want to paint on a canvas, we have to define the canvas' color. In the Settings window, make sure your setting is:
  • Canvas: Color. Set the color of your canvas if you haven't done it yet in the Preferences menu: click the Color browser. You can choose the color you want in different ways: use the classic color-wheel, the HSV color Space or the Color Names list. Then press OK. The canvas' color is updated to the chosen color in the viewport and in the Settings window too.
Select the brushes you want to use and start painting/drawing. We have chosen to paint first with larger Watercolor brushes, and later we will add some smaller Palette knife brushes. You can check how your painting/drawing is changing by switching back to the Compositing view (as shown below) or simply deactivating the Reference Image: set the Visual Guides to OFF. If you do not like the result, you can use the Undo button to delete the last strokes as many times as you made changes in the settings. Press the trashbin button to delete all the strokes, modifications you have made in the Freehand Painting module to your image.
Switch back to the Compositing view to see the final result. Add a Texturizer filter after the Bitmap Editor filter to give a more realistic effect to your painting.

Then save your image. Our final result is: