_____Notes about editing a layer in the Freehand Painting module

  • Unlike editing the Object, editing a Layer in the Paint module generates a new filter/style on the layer just like any other filter. This filter can be removed at any time from the Style Editor or from the Properties+Preview pane, deleting it with the trashbin button in the lower right corner.
  • As any other filter node or style, the Paint module can be layered or chained with other styles/filters. If you work with several Images or several Layers including Bitmap Editor filters, PostworkShop remembers the last used Paint module for your convenience when switching back and forth between the Bitmap Editor and the Compositing view.
  • You can directly apply a Bitmap Editor filter to your Default Layer, or you can also apply the Bitmap Editor filter to a layer which ahas already been applied a (simple or complex) style. To know how to paint on a Canvas please see our other tutorial.

_____Editing the layer 

Let's start with a simple Map to Palette applied to the image. (Map to Palette properties: 8 colors, palette method: 4)
Right-click the Map to Palette layer and select Edit to invoke the Bitmap Editor.
In the Paint Module, do the changes you want. Here, we decided to "delete" the dark green patches within the light green background on the left by covering them to obtain a uniform background.
In the left menu bar, select the Paintbrush function -  already selected by default - and click the Settings icon next. In the Settings floating window, select the Brush family: Paint 1 - which is already selected by default as you can see on the left sidebar. To change the brush family, you can both double-click the thumbnail on the left sidebar, or Select brush in the Settings window.
Then, set the Brush Angle to Auto Angle and the Clone mode to: Clone (Start Color). The Visual Guides are off, the Canvas is the Original image. The Dynamics have not been modified.
Paint on the dark green spots to cover them: selecting the Clone (Start Color) mode, the color that will be painted will depend on where you click the mouse. Click on the light green area and move the mouse over the dark green area. If the brush size is too small, you can move the Size slider or use the keys on the keyboard to reduce (D key) or increase (F key) the Bruses' sizes.
When you are done, switch back to the Compositing view. The layer displays all the filters applied to: Map to Palette > Bitmap Editor.