_____Edit the Object
You have the ability to retouch your original image (called "Object" in PostworkShop). You might want to remove some part of the image, or adjust some colors. Right-click the Object and select Edit/Retouch. Please note that the Edit/Retouch does not work like the cloning mode of Photoshop: so if you need bigger changes, we recommend you do them before using PostworkShop. 
In our example, we want to remove the flower in the background, on the right. We will use the Edit/Retouch to delete that flower. It is especially easy as the background of the image is a uniform white background. 
When you click Edit/Retouch, you are automatically redirected to the Freehand Painting tab.

In the Paint module, do the changes you need. We have selected the Basic Algorithmic brush, changed the brush color to white by simply clicking the small white icon on the left hand toolbar, and started painting. Note that we have not checked the Eraser property of the brush because that would have erased the white background too, leaving there a "hole".

Once you are done, switch back to the Compositing view, your image refreshes with the modifications applied. As you can see, the poppy on the right is not there anymore.

Note: unlike using Paint module to edit a Layer, editing the Object does not insert any Paint filter into the filter graph (Style Editor). In fact, as you can see, the Default Layer did not change name. Every style you apply to the image also works on the modifications you made to the image in the Paint module.


To delete the changes made on your image at the beginning and not loose the styles you may have built, right-click the Object and select Revert.

And the image will go back to the original state: