After selecting the type of brushes you want to use, a second window appears: you can now select the specific brushes or brush families. If the Brush selector window is closed, simply click the Select brush button below the Brush types to pop-up the window. 

In the brush selector window (the one on the right) you can see a list of the brush categories in alphabetical order and next to it thumbnails of the brushes themselves. You can select wether to see the small or the normal size thumbnails by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the brush selector window. 


-     Algorithmic brushes: MyPaint brushes 

-     Scanned brushes: natural, hand-made brushes that have been scanned and digitalized. In this mode you paint always with the same selected unique brush. This mode may be useful to insert only one brush, i.e. a simple Adobe Photoshop brush of some object. 

-     Brush families: brush families are scanned brushes put into families. When choosing this option, PostworkShop will select at each stroke a random brush to use from the family to create diversity on the image and give a more naturalistic effect. 

Click the Select active brushes button to select by checking and unchecking the brushes you want to use within a certain family. Sometimes it may be useful to deselect a few brushes from within a same family if these do not fit the painting mode. For exemle, you may uncheck round brushes if you want only the straight brushes and viceversa. Please note that at least 1 brush has to be selected.