Upon opening, PostworkShop displays a white canvas, which allows you to directly paint and draw on it with the Freehand Painting module. You can also edit an image by applying the Bitmap Editor filter to it. 

How to invoke the Freehand Painting Module

There are 4 ways to invoke automatically the Freehand Painting module from the Compositing view. While the first three apply modifications on the Layer, the forth way applies the changes to the Object (image).

-    Double-click the layer’s thumbnail.  It will automatically switch to the Freehand Painting module

-    Switch from the Compositing view to the Freehand Painting module
-    Right-click on the default layer of the image and select Edit
-     You can also apply the Bitmap filter from the Building Blocks/Editors folder:

Then press the Open Editor button on the right to edit:

You are now in the Freehand Painting Module :

You can also decide to retouch/edit the image, before applying styles and filters to it. For this, right-click Edit/Retouch to the image object. See more about Edit/Retouch on the other tutorial. 

The Tool palette in the Freehand Painting Module: