You can save presets with different settings for a style so that you do not have to memorize the settings each time you use it. Create a style and then save it with some of the properties exported, particularly those that you want the user to be able to change.
First, drop the style on an image - we will use our previously created and saved style called Painting with Outlines. Then in the “Properties + Preview” pane, click the first icon on the left to save the current settings as a new preset. For the first preset, we will save the Default settings of the styles. 

A small box appears: give a name to the preset and click OK. 

The new preset will be saved and will be visible in the Properties pane above the sliders.

Drag the sliders to create new preset as if you were creating an entirely new style. 

Click the Save Preset icon and give them new names. These presets will be saved in the same location as the first one, as a child item of our style. Save as many presets as you want. 

To use one of the saved presets on any image, select the style from the Styles browser and apply it to the image. To apply the preset simply click on the thumbnail in the Properties+Preview pane. The image will be immediately rendered. You can also click the "Apply a preset to the current style" (the second icon from the right) in the “Properties + Preview” pane and select the desired preset by clicking its name.

You can obviously save new Presets to any of thoses built-in styles that have exported properties. The more the properties, the more the combinations of saving new presets.