Important note: Styles can be created with the Style Editor only using the Classic or Advanced layouts. Saving a style is possible only in these same layouts.

In Style Editor view the layout is divided in two sections:

The Style Info box which is part of the Styles browser can be opened by clicking the "i" information button, and closed with a second click on the "i". This button lets you to know the style's description, properties, author, etc, but only if they have been set by the creator and shows its thumbnail.


The toolbar on the bottom of the Style Editor: the buttons are grouped by function. From left to right:

  • Expand all nodes/Collapse all nodes: expanded filter nodes show the preview thumbnail, while in the collapsed mode, only the name of the filter is visible.
  • Small connection pins/Big connection pins: big connection pins make the connecting easier.
  • Curved connections/Straight connections: select if you want the connection lines to be rather curved or straight lines.
  • Auto-arrange: auto-arrange the filter nodes of the graph.
  • Insert before/Replace/Insert After: select a filter node and decide wether to put a filter after or before or if you want to replace it: by clicking one of these buttons a menu will appear with only the available filters/styles.
  • Trash: deletes the selected filter.