In this tutorial we will show you how to create a simple style using the filters of the Styles browser. A simple style is a single layer style. We will be using a very versatile filter that you can find in the Building blocks / Simple styles folder: Random Painter. Many of the styles in PostworkShop 3 are based on this filter which has a lot of adjustable properties; this allowing you to create a vast range of different styles. 


  • If you simply want to use an already created random style, see 1.4 "Add a first Random style".
  • We will be using the Advanced layout, but you can also use the Classic layout, the steps to follow are the same. 
  • We have zoomed in the image in the Compositing viewport to best show the effects of the applied style. You can obviously work in 1:1 or with the image fit to window. 

For first, open an image as described previously in 1.2 "Open an Image" or in 1.2.1 "Opening an image from Fotolia"  and switch from Projects to the Style Browser on the right. Browse the Styles and select a style; as said we will be using: Building Blocks/Simple Styles/Random Painter. 

There are three methods for applying the selected style to the image:

• Press “Enter” on the selected style
• Double-click the selected style
• Drag and drop the selected style directly onto the layer. The layer will be highlighted. (see in our example below)

The style's name is displayed automatically in the Style Layers and its properties appear in the Properties+Preview pane with the default values that are being applied to the image. For complex styles that require a few seconds for application, you will see the processing occur in the Compositing viewport and in the Rendering Preview progress bar. You may cancel the processing at any time if you do not like the resulting effect, or if you want to try another style by clicking the Abort button, or the Esc key.

The result with the Random Painter applied will be the following:

Select the layer in the Style Layers browser and switch to the “Properties + Preview” pane. Random Painter is a filter which has a lot of exported properties, this allowing you to get an infinity of different results on a single image. We recommend you first change the Brush family and only after you modify the brushes properties as it will be easier to get the result you want. 

Click the Browse button next to the Brush family in the Properties. The Brush Selector window will pop-up showing the currently used brush family. 

Change the brush family to another one you would rather use. We here have selected to use Paint Brush 06, within the same Paint category. You can obviously change brush category and use a Crayon or a Graphite, or anything else already installed in the program. You can also import your own brushes. See 6.1.1 "Create and Import Your Own Brushes in PostworkShop"

You can now adjust the properties that you want to modify by dragging the slider to the desired value. The resulting image will be rendered in real time in the Preview window and then in the Compositing viewport. By changing the brushe's sizes you can obtain really interesting solutions. In this tutorial we have raised the Brush Sizes, the Brush opacity and the Sharpen properties to give an even more realistic hand-painting effect to the image.

And the final result of the whole image used in this tutorial is:  

By changing the brush families, we have also obtained:

You can now download the PostworkShop project file of this tutorial by clicking here.