In this tutorial we will show you:

_____Style Browser Organization

PostworkShop 3 include all the built-in styles: more than 300 with more than a hundred Presets. When switching to the Styles browser tab, the icons in the bottom toolbar organize the styles in several ways. Styles can be displayed in the following ways:

Hierarchical view: In the Hierarchical view, the styles are organized in a category and sub-category tree. Inside the categories, the styles are listed in alphabetical order. This is the default view.

List view: In the List view, the styles are organized only in alphabetical order. The List view allows you to search for a style by name.

There are also two browser views:

Thumbnail style browser: This default view shows a small thumbnail image which helps in recognizing or finding styles. 

Compact style browser: This view allows you to see more styles on the screen at once without the need to scroll down the list. The Compact Style Browser does not show the thumbnail image of the style.

If there are a lot of categories or styles, and they are not all visible the Style Browser columns can be individually scrolled with the mouse wheel.

After you click a category or style, the Style Browser also allows keyboard input so you can use the Up, Down, Left, Right, Page Up, and Page Down keys to navigate among the styles. Typing a letter on the keyboard will take you to the first style name starting with that letter.

Style thumbnails can be resized with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel. The thumbnail is applied to the Style Browser column below the mouse cursor. For example, you can set up smaller category thumbnails for a better general overview and larger thumbnails to better identify the style effects. Using Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel resizes all the Style Browser columns at once. This can be useful when adapting the thumbnails to a smaller or larger than average computer screen. PostworkShop memorizes these settings for the future.


_____Favorite Styles

You can move the styles you use most often to the User/Favorites category for quick and easy use. By default, we already inserted some of the most used building blocks. To add more filters/styles to the Favorites folder select the built-in style or the Building Block, and click the star button in the right corner. This creates a shortcut to the selected style in the User/Favorites category.


_____New categories

After you have created several new styles, we recommend creating new categories within the User category, and to classify the categories right away.

In the Style Browser right-click the User folder, click Add child category to organize your styles in sub-categories, name the new Category in the dialog box, and press OK. It will appear as a sub-category in the User folder. Obviously each child category can have as many child categories as you want. Now to move your styles from User/My Styles simply drag and drop them to the category where you want them to be listed.

Note: Adding a new Child-category is also possible by clicking the "+" icon in the lower right corner in the Style Browser. You can create as many child-categories as you want and you can move them from one category to another in the User category by dragging and dropping them (or right-click them and select "move to"). Child-categories can be created only under the User category.

And the result will be an empty category which you can drag and drop your styles into.