_____Save a PostwworkShop project (Default *.PRJ file) 

After a style has been applied and you are satisfied with what you have created, or simply to save and not loose your work, click Save from the File menu or click the Save icon in the menubar. It is useful to save the project so you can modify it in the future. 

The save dialog box appears. From the Save dialog box, you can choose to save an image or a project. By default, PostworkShop’s specific project file format is selected: *.PRJ.

Note: PostworkShop projects files can be opened only in PostworkShop, do not try to open them in any other software as they are not be recognized and will not open.

Give your project a file name and select where to save it. Use the arrow next to the file name to browse more folders on your computer. Select the path and click Save. PostworkShop memorizes the path you chose to save your image so next time you want to save an image you will not have to select the target folder again.

To load your project in the future, click Open Project from the File menu or click the Open Project icon in the menu bar. 

Projects you save are be listed in the Projects pane. You can sort them by name (click the “A” icon) or by last access (click the “1” icon) in the toolbar below.


_____Save an Image (*.JPG, *.PNG, etc… file) 

When you have finished working on your image click Save from the File menu or click the Save icon in the menu bar. In the Save dialog box, change the file type from *.PRJ to *.JPG, *.PNG, *.BMP, *.TIF, or a *.PSD file (how to save as a *.PSD file)

When choosing an image file type, PostworkShop gives you the possibility to save the Preview image or the Full size image. Selecting Full size image, the image will be rendered in its final form. This may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on the applied style's complexity and on your image’s dimension. If your final image is not like the preview, please read the tutorial to understand the difference between Preview and Final Render: click here for the tutorial.  

Next, select the destination folder in your computer, give the file a name, and select wether you want to save the file with its original Color Profile and Rendering Intent or not. You can change these by clicking the arrows and changing the properties.

Then press Save. A short message will notify you about the image being saved. 

Our saved Flowers with a Random Painter style and a Texturizer applied is saved as a *.JPG: