In this tutorial we will show you how to apply a style to your image and how to modify the defautl properties, by dragging the property sliders. Also, you will learn how to apply the presets that are saved by default and how to reset the properties.


_____Add a  Style

There are different ways to apply a style/filter to your image:

- drag and drop the style from the Style's browser to the image's Layer.

- if you have no styles applied yet to the image, double-click the style/filter to apply it to the image. 

- select the style and press Enter.


_____Adjust the Style’s properties

Applying a style to your image may require an adjustment to its properties to best fit your picture. This may include properties such as brush types, brush sizes, line sizes, number of strokes, etc. Moving the sliders now automatically and immediately updates the preview image. Select the style which properties you want to change (Colored Photo 3) in the Layer Browser and switch to the “Properties + Preview” pane. Move the various Property sliders to obtain the desired result. The preview picture renders in real time.

Note: For slow and complex styles the update may be visible only when the slider "stops", because moving  the slider continuously may not give the computer's RAM memory enough time to calculate the result before moving on to the next calculated image view.

When you're done, click OK. The image renders with the new properties.

Note: Some styles have no exported properties which make them not modifiable. In this case, in the Property+Preview pane you will see: “This style has no properties”.

You may use styles that among the exported properties have already their own Presets. Presets are saved by the creator of the style, but new ones can still be created and saved. See 6.6 Saving Presets to a Style.

Click the thumbnails to apply the Presets to the style. 


_____Reset properties

The Reset properties button in the Property Editor is usefull when the properties have been modified too much and want to . Clicking the Reset properties button in the Properties+Preview pane brings back the original default values of the style/filter. Style properties can be reset if you prefer the original look of your result image.