Add a first Random Style

Open your image as shown previously in 1.2 Open an Image. We have clicked the 1:1 icon in the middle menu bar to see the full size image at 1:1 scale in the Compositing viewport. Please see also 2.0.2 Understanding Previews and Final Images.

To apply a first random style, you will be clicking the dice icon below the Layers browser. 

A style chosen from the predefined ones will be applied. The image will be rendered in real time. 

It is possible you do not like the result the first random style gives you. You may click Apply Random Syle to Object as many times as you want. The image will be recalculated with the new style applied. After a few trials, we have obtained:

but we decided we would prefer working with another result:

You can always get back the previously applied styles by clicking the small arrow next to the dice icon: it will list you all the previous styles that have been randomly applied.