_____How it works

At first opening, PostworkShop 3 opens in the Simple layout: the simple layout button is highlighted. You can change the layout by clicking the layout icons in the upper menu bar. (See 1.1 First Steps: Getting Started with PostworkShop). It is important to understand that in the Simple Layout there are no different panes, everything can be changed and set in the unique window. Below the menubar you will find the Styles browser divided into the different categories: My Styles, Drawing, Painting, Graphic arts, Photo and Favorites. The default thumbnail for all the styles is the lady face. Below the styles on the left side will be visible the image. On the right side, the image's info and the pre- and post-processing properties. Also, the style's properties will be shown in this right part too. 


_____How to use the Simple layout

 To open an image, click the Load image icon in the menu bar. (First on the left) Choose the image from your computer's folder and press Open. 

Decide wether to resize the image or not: write the width and height you want to use for the postwork then press OK.

The image will be loaded into the workspace. The styles thumbnails in the Styles browser will be recalculated and updated with the image you just have loaded. 

To apply a style to your image, nothing more simple: double-click any of the style in the Styles browser and your image will be immediately updated. The style's name and properties (if it has any exported) will appear in the right pane. We have applied the Photo style called Dawn.

Applying a style to your image may require an adjustment to its properties to best fit your picture. This may include properties such as brush types, brush sizes, line sizes, number of strokes, etc. Moving the sliders now automatically and immediately updates the preview image. Move the various Property sliders to obtain the desired result. The preview picture renders in real time.


_____See the postwork

A great new tool of PostworkShop 3 is the possibility to see the original image and the postworked result in different ways by selecting the view below the image. Click the Split button to see both the original image and the result in a unique image or click the Side-by-side button to see both the original image and the result:

You can also see the result image in full screen. Click the Full screen icon in the menu below the image. We have here chosen the full screen view with the Split view of the image. 

If you browse the styles to discover new possibilities, you might want to see a preview without applying the style. You can see a bigger image of the styles' thumbnails by clicking the magnifying class when you move the mouse over the small thumbnails. A 250x250 px image will pop up. 

When moving the mouse over the style thumbnails you will see a star icon appear. By clicking it, you will add the style to the Favorites style folder. 

_____Save the result image

To know how to save an image, please read tutorial: 1.6 Save an Image and Save a Project