PostworkShop now allows you to download, import and purchase images directly from the Fotolia stock image library without the need to open an Internet browser and any other folder. In this tutorial we will show you how to search for images and how to import them into PostworkShop.


If you have an idea or are commissioned but you do not have the perfect image to work on, Fotolia will help you by finding royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector-format files. Open PostworkShop and select the File/Fotolia Stock menu point.

The Fotolia Stock Browser window will appear. Enter a keyword on the top bar. In this case we are looking for images representing a classic ballerina dancing, so we enter Ballerina. Then press Enter or click Search on the right of the search bar.

Providing you have an Internet connection open, then images resulting from the search will appear in the Fotolia Stock Browser window. As yet, you are not able to view and download them. To download the images you will need an account. If you already are a member of the Fotolia Community, simply enter your account details and hit OK. If you are not yet a member, click the Create new Fotolia account button and follow the instructions. If you are already a member, you can check the Remember account - you will not have to re-enter the login ID and the password each time you access the Fotolia collections. Set the Fotolia download directory: this will become the folder where the images donwloaded from Fotolia will be saved. Browse from your computer to the desired folder and click OK.
Note: If you delete this folder, it will be recreated anytime you subsequently download and save an image from Fotolia, to the same original path you specify here.

The Fotolia Stock Browser window is now active and you can browse all of the results of your search. Click an image to see it's properties on the right. Scroll through the pages until you find the perfect image to fit your needs. If you want to immediately try to apply PostworkShop Styles to the image, select an image - its thumbnail will be highlighted in orange - then click the Add to project as new image button.

The image will be automatically loaded into PostworkShop's workspace. As you can see, in the Properties+Preview pane, the image's name is the same as its Media ID in Fotolia, and the size is approximately 500pixels in the larger dimension. The image file itself is the comp image as designated and created by Fotolia.

You can apply any of our pre-built Styles to try and see if this selected image is one well-suited to your project. This way you can try - before buy - and even develop a special style of your own before purchasing the image. In the exemple below we have created a simple impressionistic painting effect.

If you do not want to apply styles immediately, you can also download comp images into the Fotolia folder you have already setup. Just click the Download Comp Image button in the Fotolia browser to do so. A short message will notify you about the successful download: you can chose whether to open the folder or continue browsing. In this case, click OK - the Fotolia Stock Browser window will remain open.

Attention: the comp image is for preview and mockup purposes only ; using it in real projects without purchasing a license is not permitted (by the terms of your account with Fotolia).


If you like the result and want to work on a bigger image or think that this will be the perfect starting image for you, you can select the size you prefer and purchase it directly from  withing PostworkShop. Click the Buy button in the Properties+Preview pane. The Fotolia Stock Browser window pops up again. Click the Buy button below the image's properties. The Buy Fotolia Content window appears. You can here select the License of the image you want to purchase: simply check the Size/License you want and then hit Buy.

A short message will notify you about the successful purchase of the photo. Now, you can select whether to continue purchasing/browsing - in this case click OK - or to see your downloaded and licensed file: click Show containing folder.

The images you purchase can be found in the same Fotolia downloads folder you setup at the beginning. As you can notice, the photo's file name is different: it includes now the License Name type. It exists separately from the comp image file (if you elected to download it earlier).


If you need to change the folder where your images are downloaded, then click the Settings button in the Fotolia Stock Browser window. In the Fotolia Settings window, click the "+" button to add new folders, or browse the current download directory to change it. You can add multiple folders and all of these will be indexed when you purchase new images. Click OK when you are done. Note that the already downloaded images will not be moved  one folder to another. It is also possible to copy any previously purchased/licensed Fotolia stock into your designated download folder – these iamges will also be indexed once they are located there.

Finally, please note that purchasing and/or using Fotolia images within PostworkShop are subject to all of the standard terms and conditions as you have agreed in order to establish either your original account, or any new account, with Fotolia. No work completed within the PostworkShop application changes the terms of any license.