_____Download and Install PostworkShop

This tutorial will show you how to install correctly PostworkShop on your Macintosh. First, download the zip file according to your OS. Open the download folder and double-click the zip file: the Mac DMG file will open. Double-click it to extract PostworkShop.  

The typical Macintosh install window will appear. The PostworkShop install window contains the standalone application and the plug-in file too. 

Drag and drop the PostworkShopX64 icon onto the Application Folder shortcut icon.

As described, drag the PostworkShop icon onto the Application Folder shortcut. If needed, the Authentication window will appear, insert your ID and password and start the installation. Your Mac will now copy PostworkShop to the Applications folder. 

Now you can install the plug-in file into the correct plug-in folder of your image editing application. In our case, Photoshop CS5.1. Drag and drop the PostworkShop.plugin file to the plug-ins folder of Photoshop. 

The installation now is complete. You can start working and creating in PostworkShop, standalone and plug-in mode. Enjoy!


_____Activate your PostworkShop serial number

Note: When you download a new version or a future update of the program, it will detect that you already have a work environment set up.  Instead of replacing the style database it will simply update the system styles and keep your personal style collection intact.

Copy and paste the serial number from your invoice into the serial number field in order to run the program in licensed mode. Be sure you are connected to the Internet before clicking the "Activate Serial Number" button and wait a few moments while it is activated. The waiting time depends on your internet connection speed  as it connects with our servers to validate your serial number.

PostworkShop will run as soon as the activation is complete.

Note: If you can not activate your serial number, read FAQ in the forum/How to activate with the offline activation.

Note: If you do not have a serial number you can run PostworkShop in Demo Mode. You can download the program here. Serial numbers are also available at this Web store.