Overview of PostworkShop 2 [2:00]

A first glimpse into PWS 2 - what it is, how it works, what's new

Getting Started [02:53]

An introduction to the first steps, plus some guidelines on creating unique artwork

Getting Started with Fotolia Images [2:20]

Using our stock browser; search, trials, purchase and download directly into PWS.

Webinar : Introduction to PWS [10:35]

If you missed it: watch the PostworkShop Webinar of December, 2010

Introduction Video [04:35]

A first approach to PWS: how to load an image and apply the first styles

Applying Styles to your Images [07:49] 

How to apply Styles to images. How to mix and blend them for one-of-a-kind results

Strokes & Stroke Directions [07:58]

How to use the filters in the Building Blocks/Vectorial Tools category

Bitmap Editor Fixing Style Result [02:04]

How to fix the style result in the Bitmap Editor: Paint Module

Benefits of PostworkShop 3 [available soon]

An explanation of the primary new features of PWS and their benefits to the user

Project demonstration - step by step

Artistic Image Transformations (using the plug-in) [13:49]

How to use the plug-in version of PostworkShop for great results

Create Unique Image styles [10:43]

Transform your photograph and get infinite possibilities

Getting seriously Creative [available soon]



How to Install New Styles and Stylez

How to install PostworkShop Styles and create new Folders

Simple Style Using the Layer Browser

How to create a simple style using the Layer Browser.

How to create Layered Styles

Apply a second style to your image, by dropping it above or under the first style.

How to create Chained Styles

Create a style adding a second style added after -before- the first style on a unique layer

Understanding Previews and Final Images

Understanding the difference between the Previews and Final Images

Property Sliders and Resetting Defaults

Property sliders are not limited to ranges. How to use the "Reset properties" button


How to Save a Simple Style

How to save correctly a Style created in PostworkShop Styles and create new Folders

Creating a Style in the Style Editor

How to create a Style using the filter node based Style Editor with filters put in parallel

Creating a Complex Style in the Style Editor

How to create a Complex style using the filter node based Style Editor

Output and Input Pins in the Style Editor

Pin colours and pin types. How the Style Editor works, how to link the filter nodes

Palette Extractor and Generator filters

Understanding the application of the Palettes filters and their use

Saving Presets to a Style

How to save Presets to an already existing style with default properties


Edit the Object/Revert

Apply changes to the original Image you are working on, in the Paint Module

Edit a Layer in the Paint module

How to Edit a Layer in the Paint module - freehand painting and drawing

Paint Module in the Style Editor

How to use the Bitmap Editor in the Style Editor - retouch, paint, clone

Painting on Canvas with Reference Image

Use the Reference image to help you painting manually on a canvas. The cloning mode

Understanding the Color Dynamics

How to use the color dynamics property sliders to create greater results

Understanding the Brush Dynamics

How to use the brush dynamics property sliders to create greater results


Understand the Plug-in Mode

Important things to know about the plug-in mode. How to use PWS as a plug-in

Using the Plug-in Mode on a Single Image

Using the plug-in mode to add styles using 1 single image

Plug-in Mode with a Multilayered PSD file

Applying the plug-in to one layer within a multilayered PSD project file

Create and Import Your Own Brushes

How to import your own scanned brushes in PostworkShop

Basic use of the Alpha Map Editor

Understanding the basics about how to use the Alpha Map Editor

Working with Two or More Objects

How to work with multiple Objects in Compositing view, and Style Editor

Batch Processing

How to use Batch Processing for a quicker work | Only in the Pro Edition

Saving a PSD File

How to save a layered PSD file into PostworkShop

Add a Texture to your Image

How to add a Texture to your Image by using a secondary image file