mix styles to create new ideas

Have fun creating new styles in PostworkShop3, by mixing and blending any of the 300+ built-in styles.

Click the actions below to see how the image changes as you apply more filters to create your own, personal style.

ACTIONS: (Actions do not work in IE.)

     * Click here to add a first style
     * Click here to add a second, different style
     * Now click here to blend them. Here is your new style!
     * Go back to the Original image

Continue browsing the available styles and find out more Special Photo Effects, and more Old Time Photo Effects too.

one click transformations

Choose from more than 300 built-in styles that already provide interesting artistic effects: sketch, oil painting, impressionistic painting, classic drawing are only a few of the
one-click transformations. Explore this short style samples. Move the mouse over the thumbnails to see a zoomed-in detail.