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win 8 support

I am planning to build a new win 8 machine with 8 gigs ram. I am looking at some of the AMD quad core CPU's w/ GPU integrated like the f2 a5800 CPU chip
Does posterworks support the gpu either onboard or a graphics card to enhance processing? Also is PW able to use win 8 64 bit mulitouch for touchscreen monitors?
Plese mention what is a fast hardware config for running PW with large files
Thanks Wyndham

postworkshop team
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The current version of

The current version of PostworkShop does not use the GPU (integrated or not).

64 bit Win 8 is supported in desktop mode (i.e. it runs the same way as it runs on Win 7). You can of course put your PWS start icon on your colored tiles if you wish, but it will run in desktop mode.

We did not test the multitouch functionality yet, it depends on what kind of events Windows 8 sends to the applications. Wacom touch tablets work with PWS in multitouch because they act as a mouse wheel for zooming.

As PostworkShop uses intensively the processor and the memory, I recommend building a fast quad core machine with at least 8 GB RAM (16 GB if your budget allows). A 64 bit OS is a must. From the PWS point of view the disk and graphics card performance is not important, but of course you have to match them with your other needs.