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Best render setting

HII use Pro 64bit version . maybe this question has been asked before in forum but I could not find a direct answer to my problem. so here it is:usually the resolution of my images are pretty much high , average of 5000 pixels , in that resolution is hard to rely on preview so after a quick preview I go for final render which is almost like blind date! :)and of course it takes a while sometimes (up to a day ) to render final image depends on the style and effect , but when I look at the final render image despite the fact that it is very high resolution still the effects are not sharp and have blurry edge ( specially in Pastel Chalk , and also in Painting Expressionism etc.) with a anti-aliasing effect look more like it is blown up from much lower resolution with some Jpeg art effect. because later I would like to compose the final image in photoshop and I do want to get the maximum feeling of real painting so I need the edge of effects to be sharp and not that bluredI played with render setting but no luck yet after few days testingplease let me know how can I get best render setting and with best quality at final image ... I don't mind how long it takes as long as it gives me a decent quality image without bluring the edge.frankly speaking the software is brilliant but the difference between preview and final render is a downside that put off most of customers, I hope you will fix this problem one day despiter the fact I knwo that is very hard to do so. good luck and thanks for considering my question. Best,Alex

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No Response?

I too am having the same problem with this program ...well with rendering large images my image is 5500x5500 it seems the render is stuck at half ..the bar indicator is just still I cant tell if its moving or not...? I am not very happy with this program for my large renders I upgraded just so I could do "unlimited" sized renders but the program is bad with images bigger than the size they allow in demo version.

postworkshop team
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As we already wrote several

As we already wrote several times at several places, not all styles are suitable for large images. And there is no magic that could fix it in PostworkShop 2 (other than considering the size of your image and your previous experience with the given styles, and if necessary working with different image sizes or styles).


In PostworkShop 3 we fixed bugs, optimized filters, reorganized a number styles and removed those that were still not fast enough. Hopefully you won't get into long renders any more.

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I do not understand why

I do not understand why anyone would need to work on anything over about 150 res in PWS. The render times become too unwieldy and there is no advantage that I can find. I always finish my paintings off in Photoshop, Gimp or Paintshop Pro where I can do any resizing I find necessary and give the images a final polish, again, if necessary, before printing them from Photoshop.