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PostworkShop 2.0 Official release Available!

PostworkShop 2.0 is now available in the Downloads section! It is a free update, you can use it with your PWS 1.1 serial number (actually it is automatically transferred to 2.0).

Click here to download now.

What's new in PostworkShop 2.0.4021?

New Features:

  • Plug-in works in demo mode if the serial number is Basic or Artist

  • Pressure smoothing works on Mac too

  • Large images load faster

  • Pressure sensitive tablet support in the paint module

  • Eraser checkbox allows using any kind of brushes as an eraser (keyboard shortcut: E)

  • Turning the stylus around switches to eraser mode (when the tablet supports it)

  • Scatter slider for algorithmic brushes

  • Grayscale and CMYK color modes are supported in plug-in mode

  • <Center on canvas> and <Change image ...> commands added to the Object Browser context menu

  • Brush Selector (e.g. in Random Painter) stays in preview mode while switching brushes

  • Hue/Saturation/Lightness jitter properties added to the Random Painter filter

  • Alpha map is considered when saving PSD files in layer by layer mode

  • Alpha map can by copied from one layer to another

  • Windows installation procedure improvements
The PWS 2.0 user interface is now available in multiple languages. Switch language to enjoy PostworkShop in your native language.

Use the appropriate forum threads to report any bugs and to send us your suggestions or simply ask questions. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions too.

Enjoy Creating :) and post your images to the gallery!

the PostworkShop Team